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Guangzhou Chemicals held a Guidance & Training Session called Changing Anything

Release date:2019/06/15

In order to improve employees' professional accomplishment, help them broaden their thinking, adjust their self-behavior and break through the bottle neck of their personal life and career, Guangzhou Chemicals Import and Export Co. Ltd. invited professional lecturers to give a lecture called Changing Anything to all employees on May 28th and 30th

On the training site, the lecturer analyzed the key steps to change individuals from setting goals and finding key points, and then enlightened participants to think about their small goals in their work and life firstly, and guided them to analyze the key points of achieving the goal from the dimensions of the six major sources of influence, such as individuals and society. Finally, five propositions were given,such as "how to improve the reading quality and how to control the emotions during work". After brainstorming, each group gave a speech on the stage, so that everyone can experience the process of changing their thinking once in a while.

The atmosphere of the training meeting was warm and the participants expressed their ideas actively, which strengthened the communication and exchange within the team, broadened the vision and thinking of employees, and helped to rebuild organizational ability, activate individuals, and overcome the obstacles in personal life and career development.